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Winter getaway: good shopping

Jacqueline D Rivera

Monday, January 04, 2016

Bonnet, meshed, coats and faux fur take all codes of the season for warm us in a chic casual spirit.
Far from the Lurex, sequins and lights, there are also want at this time to regain the softness. Sweetness of the mesh, sweetness of the faux fur or softness of the skin lainée, playing fashion, of course. And especially without however CANADA GOOSE CHILLIWACK BOMBER uk releasing side style. We left for a part of campaign all week, or we go walk a few hours, we want to do in beauty regardless of the weather.

Live mesh
Big sweaters there what to do, never knitting was also beautiful and never he knew as well to combine beautiful effect and mellow grand. All reliefs are allowed, then it is clear his classics, Irish twists, rib and Heather jersey that are doing well. We love them in camel, grey, Brown, off-white and navy. We try also to CANADA GOOSE CHILLIWACK BOMBER Military Green WOMENS models more created way braiding, loop... or garnished with zips, and why not homemade. It plays in oversize to replace the coat or jacket, it is now lighter and more casual. But the fine mesh is no slouch. She seduces us re-entry into the size of a skirt trapeze or divided skirt, which immediately give a seventies with boots look heel. And for balances, is sworn, we will track down the cashmere even in supermarkets, there is everywhere and at low prices. More boyish slips his turtlenecks, V or round in a pants of man carried strongly belted high waist and with boots or boots rubber for an androgynous QuickDraw Jules and Jim.

A touch of elegance To accompany these wool soft, small or large, it plays the card of a good CANADA GOOSE CHILLIWACK BOMBER women's cchic good genre british accent throwing his sights on very noble English tweeds and all dry fabrics from the masculine wardrobe. We search the small a stripe tennis more,canada goose sale of a monochrome chevron, see a melted Wales for a discreet refinement.

Be added to all a subtle hint of faux fur to give a feminine softness. A piece just a jacket coat to play Groundhog but scope with a sailor hat that the offsets; a collar which warms up and turns a sweater or blankie bag canada goose retailers that is recycled in the city without worrying about more sophisticated way.

Associations controlled
For the chilly, believed lined parka, great coat, or pea coat short and warm canada goose parka on a skirt or robe to the feet and worn with wool tights and shoes of Trapper. Only flat, are there sticks only if one is large or very fine, otherwise it CANADA GOOSE CHILLIWACK BOMBER size refrains from overlay, playing one big piece per silhouette we ask on a bottom more slim. The sky may well do what he wants us, we have our cold recipes ready in our selection getaway hivernalepour escape the rigors of time.